OSE Communication and Law – Basic Income 24 May

Today was spent mostly on OSE Communication, preparing stuff for Berlin and finding out how Velaia can transfer the money to the health insurance (Techniker Krankenkasse).

The OSE Communication was a bit too much. I definitely need some strategy what to do with some of the communication – either ignore, politely ignore, delegate or just stop it. I want to experiment with these options so that I can free up more time for what is important. I also saw that I definitely need some free time for myself. All day work may not be optimum at all. I will experiment with the following structure:

06:00 – wake up, refresh, active expression and meditation, breakfast, learning
08:00 – work – with short pauses and eating
20:00 – free time
22:00 – OM writing and reflection
23:00 – sleep

About the health insurance – I called Ms. Putthoff from the IHK and she was very friendly to explain me how much money, from whom, where it goes. Then I called the Techniker Krankenkasse for more information, but they weren’t so friendly – they don’t want just to give out information how exactly a company can tell them that they have a new employee. But I will call them again from the name of Velaia and see what their response will be. I will definitely open source this information to be known by everyone :) In OSE Germany we start with open source law.

Tomorrow I am on the way to Berlin for the OSE Germany Team meeting.

Ако желаете да научите повече, можете да се обърнете към Nikolay Georgiev или пишете до OM: om@openom.eu Ако харесвате нещата на този Творец, вижте на страницата й/му как можете да подпомогнете труда й/му финансово. Подкрепете ОМ чрез банков превод на сметка IBAN: BG97FINV91502015285415 BIC: FINVBGSF.

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