Basic Income – 9 May

3 hours and 30 min sleep today. This night maybe too. In the last several days I wake up at 6:00 in the morning and it really feels very good!

I liked today because of few reasons:

  • I made the Story part of my OSE presentation. From the heart. Two people will give me feedback on it.
  • I got the information I needed from the tax office and I know what to fill out. To be done tomorrow.
  • After wasting 10 minutes on my OSE Germany status report I saw again my lesson from yesterday about order and immediately put in order the status report. You can see it here. It is much easier to read and remember than before and avoids returning to the same context.

On the other hand Krum called me about OM and we came to the conclusion that there are three very important factors for the development of OM and actually any open organization, including OSE Germany:

  1. taking responsibility even when we don’t like it
  2. making existing relationships with great people stronger
  3. starting new projects and also developing them

We also learned in our conversation to go from full team disappointment to connection of “what I really love” with “what do you really love?”.

There is something I have to change from today:

  • First is sleeping time. Tomorrow will be the second day with 3h30min sleep. I guess tomorrow I will take a nap for 2 hours. But if I want to be productive I have to get in bed not later than 11:30!
  • Communication – today was too much. From one side OM is experiencing again quick growth and changes and communication was needed. On the other side I had essential OSE communication, but also some that wasn’t. Because of this communication I couldn’t work longer on my priorities. My experiment for tomorrow will be: 1) define communication slots (max.30min at noon, afternoon and night) and 2) engage in the most important communication with short clear answers (leave nothing-bad-will-happen-if-not-done-communication).

The priorities for tomorrow are: 1) fill out and submit the tax declaration 2) OSE Presentation: GVCS + OS Documentation/Business Models/Economy

Btw. a change which I notice in me is that when I see that something should be done, I do it. It can be even a small thing, but I do it and it really helps me get out of my comfort zone.

Ако желаете да научите повече, можете да се обърнете към Nikolay Georgiev или пишете до OM: Ако харесвате нещата на този Творец, вижте на страницата й/му как можете да подпомогнете труда й/му финансово. Подкрепете ОМ чрез банков превод на сметка IBAN: BG97FINV91502015285415 BIC: FINVBGSF.

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